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The Allwright surname derives from the Anglo-Saxon male given name "Aladrich" which is composed of the Old English, Old German elements "ald" meaning old plus "rich" rule. The surname is first recorded it the mid 13th Century, (see below). One, William ailriht, is noted in the Hundred Rolls of Cambridgeshire (1279) and Roger Alrigh, appears in the Calendar of Letter Books for Kent (1457). In the modern idiom the surname has many spelling variations including Alwright, Allright, Alright, Allwrite, Oldwright, etc..


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Patterson Coat Of Arms

The Patterson surname is one of the most popular of Scottish surnames, and is a patronymic form of the male given name Pat(t) or Pate, itself a short form of Patrick. Patrick derives ultimately from the Latin "Patricius", patrician, or "son of a noble father", that is, a member of the patrician class, the Roman hereditary aristocracy. Patrick has been chiefly used in Ireland and Scotland, but was widespread in the North of England from the 12th Century, giving rise to a number of surnames including: Patrickson, Pate(s), Paty, Paton, Patten, Patti(n)son and Pat(t)erson.